What is an Economic Zone Better for Artists

What is an Economic Zone Better for Artists?

2018.08.15 PCE 0

Musicians and artists are occupations that are difficult to be successful. Different from salaried workers, they are not paid fixed monthly salaries. Many artists have part-time jobs or side jobs to cover living expenses until they can earn enough. No matter how…

What is Reputation Economy?

What is Reputation Economy?

2018.07.19 PCE 0

In the past, we tended to accept only the information transmitted by mass media one-sidedly, but with the spread of the internet, we become able to send information to a number of unspecified people by ourselves. Because of this, now everyone in the world influences…


What is “Money to Depreciate”?

2018.07.19 PCE 0

“Money to depreciate” or “Free money” is a theory proposed by Silvio Gesell (1862-1930), which is said to change the existing currency system fundamentally.

This time I’d like to introduce this theory to you.



What is the Problem of Legal

What is Basic Income

What is Basic Income?

2018.07.08 PCE 0

Basic Income (hereinafter referred to as BI) is a system of providing income for all citizens to have healthy and cultured living. It can be said that BI is devised to be a safety net for low-income people, and to rescue all citizens from poverty.

Some people may say we…