Resolve Garbage-related Problems in Events using Community Currency

Resolve Garbage-related Problems in Events using Community Currency

“Garbage is strewn in Shibuya after World Cup.”

“Asakusa is full of garbage after Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival.”

Have you ever seen this kind of news? For example, it is often reported in Japan that “Japanese supporters are picking up garbage after the game ends” at soccer venues, but unfortunately not all Japanese act like that.


Moreover, the garbage-related problem can be considered as a social problem, and local governments are struggling to deal with it. In fact, Community Currency (Regional Currency) can solve this problem. This time, I will explain about “Garbage Problems and Community Currency”.



Local Governments struggle with Garbage Issues

Local governments are struggling with the garbage-related issues. For example, in Autumn Festival of Matsubara Hachiman Shrine, which is famous as “Nada Fighting Festival”, garbage disposal cost is about 20% of total operation expenses in recent years. It is not limited to the Autumn Festival, but the garbage disposal cost is paid from operating expenses in many festivals, and garbage is handled by cooperation of local people.


These “garbage-related costs” place enormous financial burdens on festivals and events, and unfortunately, some festivals and events cannot be held because of this issue.


Halloween night at Shibuya is famous in Japan, but the garbage problem occurs there, too. Volunteers pick up garbage after the night, and they are not paid. Although volunteers do this from their own will, it is not fair that they voluntary pick up garbage for nothing. If they keep relying wholly on volunteers, volunteers will be decreasing.



How can Community Currency Solve Garbage Issues?

Now I explain how to solve the garbage-related problems by using Community Currency.

As a conclusion, for example, a local government introduces Community Currency and pays the currency for the act of picking up garbage. It will make more people voluntary pick up garbage and many ideas to deal with garbage will come out.


Use Case of Community Currency for a Garbage Problem

Community Currency (Regional Currency) is a currency that can be used within a community or a region, which is different from the legal currency.

There is a case that a Community Currency “Astro Boy Currency” was paid for picking up garbage. Astro Boy Currency was invented in Waseda-Takadanobaba district of Tokyo and is long-lasting for 12 years already. The motif is the comic “Astro Boy”, and the paper money of “10 Horsepower”, “50 Horsepower”, “100 Horsepower” and “500 Horsepower” have been issued.


1 Horsepower is equivalent for 1 Japanese Yen, so 500 Horsepower is worth 500 JPY. If a shop is an “Astro Boy Currency Federation Store”, you can buy goods or services using Astro Boy Currency. Originally, Astro Boy Currency was created for the following purposes:

  • Reconstruction of local communities
  • Renovation of local shopping streets
  • Promotion of volunteer works
  • Reconstruction of tourism

Actually, they held a local event of garbage pick-ups and distributed Astro Boy Currency as a reward. The participants received Astro Boy Currency as a reward of regional contribution, and they could use the currency for dining and purchasing goods at local shops.


How to Solve Garbage Issues with Community Currency?

Just like the case of Astro Boy Currency, rewarding the participants of garbage pick-ups can attract more volunteers. It is difficult to continue drawing a large number of unpaid volunteers, but if they pay Japanese yen from administration budget, it will be a “part time job”.


In that case, if the volunteers can receive 1000 Horsepower in Astro Boy Currency (≒1000JPY), they will positively take part in the regional contribution. If 1000 Horsepower in 3 hours of contribution, it is about 333 yen in hourly conversion. It is very cheap, but still it can motivate volunteers for their regional contribution.


Furthermore, Astro Boy Currency can be used in the limited area, which can make regulars in that area, as they may think “After volunteer work, I will have dinner at ○○ using Astro Boy Currency.” Then more money will be paid in that area, and volunteers want to do garbage pick-ups again in the area, which will create a good spiral.



Cultivating Volunteers and Solve Garbage Issues by PEACE COIN

As we have seen above, it is important to develop a system to motivate volunteers for the purpose of solving regional garbage problems.


PEACE COIN is suitable for solving garbage problems, and what is more, suitable for volunteers to have fun working on it. PEACE COIN is Cryptocurrency which can visualize the values that have not been evaluated so far. PEACE COIN is managed on Blockchain and it has a mechanism that the more you use it, the more coins you will gain. It is similar to the point system, such as “Every time you shop at Amazon, you will earn Amazon point.”


As a feature of PEACE COIN, “it can be localized” for each region.

For example, PEACE COIN issued in Saitama prefecture will be named like “Saitama Coin”, and original increase/decrease rate can be set for its use limited in Saitama. And if you want to use Saitama Coin in Chiba prefecture, you can exchange Saitama Coin to general PEACE COIN and to “Chiba Coin (if applicable)”, then you can use it in Chiba.


In other words, the followings can be done.

  • Participate in volunteer work sponsored by local government in Saitama, and Saitama Coin is rewarded
  • Next, Chiba prefecture is recruiting volunteers
  • Exchange Saitama Coin to Chiba Coin, and get more Chiba Coin by doing volunteer work in Chiba
  • Purchase goods and dine in Chiba by using Chiba Coin you have collected

In a nutshell, PEACE COIN can be localized and used in various areas, so you will be able to recruit volunteers in many regions such as in Shibuya, Saitama, Asakusa, etc.




Upon festivals and events, it is possible to place countermeasures such as additional trash cans or putting more attention-seeking notes to prevent garbage issues. However, it is difficult to extinguish all the garbage, and volunteers will be needed after festivals and events for garbage pick-ups. What is important is that those volunteers are motivated and have “fun” for doing their works. And Community Currencies can make it possible.