What is AirDrop? How to Enjoy AirDrop to Get Tokens

What is AirDrop? How to Enjoy AirDrop to Get Tokens

Have you ever heard the word “AirDrop”? It is different from AirDrop for iPhone and Mac. If you search about Cryptocurrency, you often see the word “AirDrop”.

This time I will explain about AirDrop.



What is AirDrop?

In a word, AirDrop is an event where you can get a token for free.

It is one of the marketing schemes to promote distribution of non-popular Cryptocurrencies by giving tokens for free as “Trial”, and letting people know more about it.

Some of those Cryptocurrencies may jump up in the future, so if you’re interested in any Cryptocurrency, get it with AirDrop. As it is free, there is no risk.



What do you Need to Participate in AirDrop?

If you think “I want to join AirDrop!”, you need preparation. Here I introduce the items to prepare before joining AirDrop.


Email Address

It would be better to have a dedicated email address for AirDrop. It’s because there is a possibility that you will receive a lot of spam emails.


Ethereum Address

Most of the tokens you can get by AirDrop are ERC20-compliant tokens, so it would be better to create an ETH address.

ERC20 is the standard specification of a token created based on ETH. There are advantages such as you can use the same wallet if they are all ERC20 tokens.

I recommend you to register ”


Telegram Account

Telegram is an SNS dedicated for chatting. There are more than 200 million users in the world, and the management side of Cryptocurrency often posts related information. If you are concerned with Cryptocurrency, you should create an account and check the latest information.

There are cases that the requirement for AirDrop is Telegram registration.



How to Collect Information of AirDrops?

First, you need information of AirDrop coins and tokens.

I introduce some information websites for AirDrops.



It is AirDrop information website. You can also check ICO information and Cryptocurrency news.

There is also an official Twitter account on AirDropAlert, so you may want to follow it.


It displays the AirDrops currently held and AirDrops that are coming soon in chronological order. As the user interface is simple and easy to see, it would be easy for even beginners of AirDrop to use it.



How to Participate in AirDrops?

AirDrop coins and tokens are distributed in various ways. I will introduce the main methods and requirements of AirDrops.


Join Official Telegram Channel

There are many cases that participating in Telegram is required. The more followers they get, the more positive effect they will have, so it is a reasonable method for tokens.


Register Official Website

Registration on the official website of the token is required. You need to register your email address, which may lead to a deluge of spam emails. So it’s better to use different email address from the one for daily use. Also, you should research well before registering on the website.


Follow their Official Twitter Account

Some tokens are distributed by just following their official Twitter accounts. This is very easy requirement for participation. I recommend this type as it is easy, but you need to check if the token is reliable before participation.


Register ETH Address

Some tokens require ETH address for distribution. Please be careful as your ETH address is valuable personal information.




Why are so many AirDrops held to distribute free tokens for users? The main reason is that they want to expand circulation and awareness of the token. In a nutshell, it is a kind of marketing scheme. What kind of person participated the AirDrop? If they use Twitter, they can infer the user’s preference and lifestyle from his/her Tweet and following accounts. Please understand that they are doing AirDrops as a part of their sales strategy.

And unfortunately, there are scam AirDrops. I will explain what kind of scam AirDrops there are.


Be Aware of Phishing Scams

Phishing is a method of hacking a user’s email address or password by skipping the user to a fake website in some way. A lot of phishing with a semblance of AirDrop is reported. They are trying to deceive users by creating websites that are similar to famous websites and Crypto exchanges. You need to be cautious as they use almost same URL with famous websites except for one character, etc. and difficult to detect.


Be Aware of Computer Virus

There are also computer virus type AirDrops that infect users’ PCs by placing viruses in tokens and wallets that are distributed. It is troublesome when infected with viruses. Not only your personal information is stolen but also the device may be destroyed. I’m sure you already have the anti-virus software, but you cannot be too careful.


Be Aware of This Kind of AirDrop

If you are asked for your secret key, you must not enter it. Because there is a high possibility of scams, you’d better not participate in the AirDrop.



How to Detect AirDrop Scam?

Please pay attention to the following points to determine whether the AirDrop is a scam or not.


Is ICO Held?

Most tokens hold ICO (Initial Coin Offering). It can be a criterion to see if they are going to hold ICO. Also, if they have a white paper, please check the contents.


How Many Followers do They Have on SNS?

Trustless tokens have fewer followers on SNS. Since the number of followers is also one of criteria for judging the reliability of the Cryptocurrency, be sure to check it.


Doubt it if They Ask Your Phone Number!

Your email address and ETH address are often required, but it is suspicious if they ask your phone number. It is highly possible that they are simply exploiting your personal information. You should set different passwords for security measures. If one of the passwords leaks out, damage can be limited to a lesser extent. If you say, “I cannot remember different passwords!”, I recommend you to use a password management application.

Personally, Onepassword is easy to use and recommended.




AirDrop is all just one of the marketing methods. They may try to gather your personal information, or some of them are scams, so be careful not to join trustless AirDrops.

However, AirDrop is a good opportunity to try out the token which you are interested in. It is possible that the token you get for free will become highly expensive, and even if it won’t, you have nothing to lose.