15 Recommended Websites for Information Gathering about Cryptocurrency

15 Recommended Websites for Information Gathering about Cryptocurrency

In 2018, the prices of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum suffered a sharp decline. On the other hand, there are Cryptocurrencies whose prices rose sharply. Cryptocurrencies have a large price fluctuations and new Cryptocurrencies appear one after another, so you always need to check the latest information.


This time, I will introduce my recommended Cryptocurrency information website. Here I listed websites that I believe are trustworthy as there are a lot of users and frequent updates.



15 Recommended Websites

1. coinmarketcap

You can see the market capitalization ranking of the Cryptocurrencies and the chart of each Cryptocurrency. A coin has several prices depending on Crypto Exchanges, so the prices and transaction volume on each exchange are also listed. The display is simple and easy to see. Also, since multiple languages are available, this website is seen by many users. I check it every day as well.


2. coindesk

This is a media specialized in the news of Cryptocurrency. It has pages in English and Korean. It is updated every day just like a regular news site, and the contents of the articles are also interesting.

It offers various categories, from technical articles to charts of Cryptocurrencies, and you can check data analysis. If you are a Crypto fan, you must check it every day.


3. Bitcoin Information Site in Japanese(Japanese only)

An information site about Cryptocurrencies in Japanese. There are plenty of useful contents such as Wallet comparisons and a list of Japanese exchanges. Especially, a tool to check 3 charts at once is very convenient. You can customize each setting and chart type (candlestick, median line, etc.). Site map is easy to see and the whole site is well structured.


4. BTCN(Japanese only)

It is an owned media about Cryptocurrency operated by BITBANK, a Japanese Crypto exchange. You can see news, columns and charts of Cryptocurrencies. When you see this site from your PC, it has well designed UI with a Bitcoin chart on the left side and the news on the right side of the home screen, which enables you to collect information without stress. They also have e-mail newsletter service, you can subscribe if you are interested.


5. cointelegraph

In addition to up-to-date information of major Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, etc., they are posting contents about Blockchain, Dapps, FinTech and so on. They provide standard contents like ICO news and chart analysis of Cryptocurrencies, and also exclusive news, analysis by leaders and experts of Cryptocurrency industry, contributed articles and commentary by experts etc. As it is updated every day, I recommend you to follow their Twitter account.


6. icodrops

It is a website specialized in ICO. It is very convenient because you can check information about currently ongoing ICOs, already finished ICOs, and future scheduled ICOs separately.

They also have pages to check the Cryptocurrencies handled by the registered contractor, so-called “White List”. If you want to check about ICOs, icodrops is recommended.


7. bitpress(Japanese only)

It is Cryptocurrency media operated by Japanese company, CapitalF Co., Ltd. who operates many investment information websites. You can get wide range of information as they post global information. In addition to the news, charts, exchanges information, they recommend some columns and blogs of experts, and Twitter accounts that post Cryptocurrency related information. They also introduce shops in Japan that accept Cryptocurrency, so try using those shops when you go to Japan.


8. criptoMiso

It is a media operated by Github, who provides services to control source code. It is a unique media that creates and shows the Cryptocurrency ranking based on the commitments with Github. You can also see when the Cryptocurrency was developed most. It can be done by Github because the source codes of many Cryptocurrencies have been released to Github.


9. blockchair

It is a search and analysis engine for Blockchain such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. It shows the remittance status of each coin, minor block size, and fees in chronological order. It says that it aims to become Google of Blockchain. It is characterized by colorful and cute UI.


10. CoinGecko

With this website, you can check the market capitalization and chart of each Cryptocurrency. It is available in multiple languages. It shows information of over 1,000 Cryptocurrencies. If you are curious about a Cryptocurrency, check and find it in CoinGecko. When I want to see charts of minor coins, I often use CoinGecko. By registering an account, you can create a list of Cryptocurrencies you want to monitor. As you can also see information of many exchanges, if you have a certain Cryptocurrency you want to know, you should check this site.


11. CCN

CCN(Crypto coin news)is a media specialized in Cryptocurrencies. I recommend it because you can obtain a lot of information including news, charts and market capitalization ranking, even though it shows many advertisements.


12. Crypto News

It is a Cryptocurrency information website which contains more technical articles than investment information.

The UI design is excellent and easy to use that I cannot believe it was created by an individual. The article itself is reader-friendly; line feeds and images are inserted for easy reading. As the content of articles are examined very well, you must check it.


13. CoinMarketCal

Event information related to Cryptocurrency is listed in chronological order. Event information means product information and update information of each coin, and newsletters. You can check the update information of a coin and use it to predict future potential by looking at charts on other websites.


14. blockchain tech news

It is a Cryptocurrency information website. Having a few bloggers, the topics are divided into many categories such as ATM, security, retail, and you can enjoy it like reading blogs. They have interesting topics, for example, “Virtual Currency 101 for Restaurants” and “Virtual Currency 101 for Retailers”, and event information of the industry. They also have Twitter account, so follow them if you are interested.


15. bravenewcoin

This is a website operated by a data company specialized in Blockchain and Crypto field. It summarizes market capitalization and easy-to-read charts.




It is no use just collecting information. It will be difficult to be successful with the investment of Cryptocurrency without checking a lot of information and judge it by yourself. Cryptocurrencies are characterized by fast price movements compared to stocks. Please browse those websites I recommended above and always check the latest information.