What is an Economic Zone Better for Artists?

What is an Economic Zone Better for Artists

Musicians and artists are occupations that are difficult to be successful. Different from salaried workers, they are not paid fixed monthly salaries. Many artists have part-time jobs or side jobs to cover living expenses until they can earn enough. No matter how hard they try, only a handful of those artists can be successful. So most of them give up their dreams and leave the stage. As such, an artist is extremely difficult to succeed. There is a huge gap between amateurs and professionals.



Artists are NOT Fairly Evaluated?

In the world of show business, aside from the skill and appearance of the artist, it sometimes depends on the connection between their office, TV station and labels whether he/she will be a big seller or not.

However, if an artist with low skills is exposed to the media only by backup of the office, there are cases that he/she is not possible to receive a good evaluation.


It seems unfair that an artist becomes a big seller only because he/she is loved by some people with power, regardless of his/her skills. Also, I often hear the cases that a salaried worker cannot succeed if he/she is not liked by his/her boss. Maybe it cannot be helped because the person who evaluates is also a human being, and it is difficult to quantify the evaluation strictly.



Artists Flourish by Having More People Do Fair Evaluation?

In order for artists with skills perform brilliantly, they need to be evaluated fairly by many people, and earn sufficient money.


The problems are:

・How can artists have chances to be known by many people?

・How can they earn money by receiving fair evaluation?


In recent years, the appearance of SNS such as YouTube and Twitter enabled individuals express themselves and get chances to be known by more people.  Users can evaluate addressers simply by pressing the “Like” button.


Recently, in addition to the “Likes” on SNS, you can do “Social Tipping” using Cryptocurrency.


Tipping (tossed coin) means to give some money to street performers and others. For example, a street singer places a tab or box in front of himself/herself, and a person who likes the performance puts money in it. This is a system to give money as support to the artist who you really think is good, regardless of the reason such as the artist belongs to a specific production. And the artist can receive the money as a reasonably valued consideration.


If this tipping culture spreads in the industry, artists will be able to receive economic evaluation directly, without being mediated by entertainment productions or labels. It will be clear that the real situation of the production that had been intermediately exploited, and transparency of mediation fee and fairness can also be expected.  Since it seems to be difficult for vested interests to stop the activities of artists who have been esteemed by the general public, it is possible that the system of the entertainment industry will change dramatically.



Cryptocurrencies Available for Social Tipping

Here I introduce some major Cryptocurrencies that can be used for Social Tipping.



A Cryptocurrency made in Japan, and a pioneer of Social Tipping.

Originally, used in electronic bulletin board “2 channel.”

It implemented the technology called “Segwit”, which enables speedy processing of remittance, for the first time in the world.

There are unique services for Monacoin, such as “tipmona,” in which you can send and receive Monacoin (MONA) on the timeline of Twitter, and “Monappy,” which is multifunctional web wallet and portal site for Monacoin (MONA). And there are a lot of MONA Lovers.

It is also possible to atomic swap (to exchange Cryptocurrencies without mediating the third party) with Bitcoin.



A Cryptocurrency made in Japan, and easy to be used for Social Tipping because the unit price is low. It was developed based on Bitcoin.

Monacoin (MONA) is famous for Japanese Cryptocurrency, but BitZeny community is more active than that of Monacoin (MONA). Its mascot “Princess Zeny” is cute and popular. And you can do Mining easily with your PC.



A Cryptocurrency issued in 2015.

It was developed to create a new economic sphere with economic freedom, decentralization, and equality. The block generation interval is 1 minute, which enabled transaction processing considerably faster than that of Bitcoin (10 minutes).



A Cryptocurrency that allows trading anonymously.

Since Verge (XVG) does not disclose the users’ IP addresses, transactions cannot be traced. It can be said to have high confidentiality as IP addresses are not disclosed. Also, the block generation interval is as short as 30 seconds.



Social Tipping Services with Cryptocurrency

Here I introduce some Social Tipping Services using Cryptocurrency.



tipmusic is a music posting service which allows you to tip your favorite music, to post songs and music, etc. Currently, you can tip using 4 Cryptocurrencies; Monacoin (MONA), BitZeny (ZNY), NEM (XEM), and Ripple (XRP). Your tip can be remitted through bot service on Twitter.

Also, you can upload original songs via SoundCloud and post it for free. Then you can receive tips via Twitter.



PLiCy is a service that allows you to create and publish games for free using PC and smartphone. Anyone can play the published games, and state live comments or leave comments.

With PLiCy, you can tip by Monacoin (MONA) to the creator of your favorite game.



tipNovel is a novel posting site that can be tipped in Cryptocurrencies. The readers are able to tip their favorite web novels with Monacoin (MONA), BitZeny (ZNY), and NEM (XEM). They say they are going to increase the contents while improving security.


If the number of platforms that encourage artists increases, more and more artists can perform well even if they do not belong to a major label or entertainment office, I believe.




Actually, I have seen many artists left the stage for economic reasons, even though they are gifted and talented. There are a bunch of people who wants to succeed on stage, but only limited number of people can stand on stage. I’m also a kind of writer, and had bitter experiences. I used to be a salaried worker for several years due to economic reasons.


With the invention of Cryptocurrency, economic zones without central controller are being created. There are more services and values that we could not even imagine in the past. If the economic zone created by Cryptocurrency becomes a platform for artists to perform actively, which can make more opportunities for more talented artists to be on stage.

Let’s keep our eyes on the new economic sphere that Cryptocurrencies create.